Warships and Watermelons

Steven Seagal recently visited Minsk in Belarus and found himself treated to some marvellous produce and, reportedly, a meal of lard by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.   It’s a visit that’s getting a fair bit of attention and, naturally, the media are focussing on Seagal’s hook-up with the chap they’re describing as the “last dictator of Europe” (this is Lukashenko’s fifth term as President).

Seagal with President Lukashenko

Seagal with President Lukashenko


Anyhoo, the visit gave us some great images (we’re awfy fond of Seagal with the watermelons – he looks like he’s had a bit of a chuckle about something), but what’s been mentioned only as a footnote in the reports of Seagal’s Belarus stop is actually pretty swell news, too.

Seagal visiting Wargaming

Seagal visiting Wargaming

See, Seagal is the new Heroic Battle Expert to Belarusian online game developer Wargaming.  That’s right.   Steven Seagal has signed up as an advisor for for a game about naval warfare.  Awesome.

“His resume speaks for itself: he’s a man who’s hard to kill, always out for justice, and willing to make an executive decision. With numerous victories against the odds under his belt (and as a guy who knows a thing or two about warships), Steven is the only man up to the task” – Wargaming

You can watch Seagal’s visit to the Wargaming offices below.

The other great news was dropped on us via Seagal’s twitter account.





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