Above The Law

So, the Phoenix Times reports that Seagal found in contempt of court and dealt a $500 fine for attempting to avoid Jury Service.  Judge Warner clearly doesn’t like him.

Everyone does jury service… John McCain found a day, took jury service, and a lot of [people] depend on him.  Judges do jury service. I’ve had a number of my colleagues on the [jury] panels.  I get doctors, I get lawyers.  I get business owners, I get street sweepers.  Everyone comes in and gets jury service.

Also, his attorney Mark Goldman had was being awfy creative:

Mr. Seagal’s contracts are personal service contracts where it is clearly impossible for him to delegate his work to another individual… nor is a 6’5″ stunt double martial artist available with a 7th degree black belt in Aikido.

Clearly hasn’t  seen much of Seagal’s DTV releases these days.