New Project: General Commander

Lawd ha’ murcy!  Seagal announced two projects at this year’s Cannes.  Attrition didn’t come as news to ISWT, but the other did – General Commander.

Sarandan Media has details of the new “12 Episode Action Television Series” from Philippe Martinez (the man behind Gérard Depardieu’s Viktor and Van Damme’s Wake of Death).

Here’s the flyer available on Sarandan Media’s site (that was circulated at Cannes).

What’s the thoughts on this?  Loads of danger and intrigue in many locations… General Commander Alexander sounds like an all action version of Phileas Fogg.


Seagal a National Threat to Ukraine!

Jings!  We’ve just learned from The Guardian that Seagal has been banned from entering Ukraine for 5 years, as he has “committed socially dangerous actions … that contradict the interests of maintaining Ukraine’s security”

Hardly surprising, right enough.  Seagal pretty much considers Putin a friend and has been pretty supportive about his policies and suchlike – going so far as to say the annexation of Crimea in 2014 was “very reasonable”.  Oooft.

As well as that, he played a pro-Putin gig in Crimea just a few years back, too (complete with the flag of eastern Ukraine separatists flying onstage).